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This or anything else" is a realtime 3D exhibition. Some of the installations displayed in this virtual space can be built and others stand as purely virtual projects. In a word, spaces in a space that is not a space and yet can be approached as such.

Non exhaustive and conclusion-less, this is a essentially a display interface. it is also a work of art as well as the medium to question places, spaces, territories and geography.

"Bridge", "mill", "hill", all the exhibited pieces are cultural objects that can be seen as works of art thus inheriting the constraints   and the potentials of their own universe. Open spaces, close spaces and backstage, the user can escape the zenithally lit white box to enter a full-scale housing development area under a blue sky.

Just as for video games, the user's moves alter his/her experience of the space. While crossing the rooms, sound, space and time distorsions offer the visitor a new perception of this  virtual architecture that can still be labelled an exhibition space. 


Download the standalone version:

This or anything else for windows (zip, 60,7 Mo)

This or anything else for osx (zip, 61,4 Mo)