A look on utopia, A look on history and a look on the perspective. A museum of the Louvre without work and without public. Consequence of a disaster, uchonie or anticipation, we enter the fiction of a desertion. Pictures with a disconcerting clearness, with a too perfect balance, with a too controlled chromaticism. A medium which did not find his place. Because he does not have any, or because he is composed of all those who were experimented so far.

Because it is not the photography, nor of painting. Because he is still an interstice and a space to be invested. Because he is omniscient and he is expanding at a breakneck speed, but always flees his recognition.

In a floating window, a size that plays the game to be match with the photography and a series that is match with the aesthetics considered as a site in one of the largest museums in the world. A monumental perspective, which represents is own absence. A predestination of utopia, which once made, collapses in silence, absence and withdrawal.